The updated Imagine 2045 Comprehensive Plan is available for public review!

The Imagine 2045 Comprehensive Plan will guide development and land use decisions within the township boundaries for the next 20 years.  The draft plan is available for public review and comment.  The plan will be reviewed by the Planning Commission on May 16th at 6pm.  Provide your comments today!

Why is this plan important and what does it mean to you?

      • The plan guides how land in townships can be subdivided for future residential development.
      • Implementation actions are identified to update the zoning ordinance to respond to community needs.
      • Identification of natural resources that should be protected and monitored.

How can you provide feedback?

      • Provide your feedback through the online survey
      • Attend the May 16th Planning Commission and share your input.

Provide your feedback at the following link:

Welcome to the Imagine 2045 Isanti County Comprehensive Plan Website!

Isanti County is updating its long-range vision for the next 20 years. The Comprehensive Plan serves as the County’s guiding document for development and investment decision making.  The current Comprehensive Plan has been guiding land use and development decisions for the last ten years, and the Imagine 2045 process will update the goals and actions to respond to current conditions. Explore this page to learn more about the planning process and progress updates!


Early engagement efforts including our open houses and community survey provided insight into the issues and opportunities for Isanti County.  A summary of the survey results can be found here.

This information was used to inform a draft vision and goal statements for Isanti County.  Check out the draft vision statement below.  Goal statements have been created for each of the plan elements.  Check out the draft statements here.

We are making progress on updating residential land use intensity recommendations using the feedback received from the online survey and at pop-up events. We are now working with members of township boards to hear which residential development framework they believe would work best for the township they represent. We will use the responses from the online survey, pop-up events, and township board members to guide recommendations


Isanti County embraces its physical, social, and economic characteristics that create a place the community is proud to call home. From the strong agrarian roots to the growing cities within and surrounding the county, there are many opportunities to preserve open space and agricultural uses with a balance of thoughtful growth.

Through a comprehensive approach, Isanti County balances the needs of its changing community, emphasizing the desire to be good stewards of the natural environment and agricultural lands; support a growing and balanced economy; provide access to recreational and transportation options that keep people and goods moving; manage growth in an intentional manner; and collaborate with partners and the community through action.


Land Use
Isanti County supports access to a high quality of life through purposeful growth management policies that support varied community priorities, from preservation of agricultural lands to urbanization, while maintaining a unified sense of place.

Economic Development
Isanti County supports access to a high quality of life through purposeful growth management policies that support varied community priorities, from preservation of agricultural lands to urbanization, while maintaining a unified sense of place.

Isanti County emphasizes active transportation infrastructure that supports the movement of people and goods by all modes, connecting people to their destinations within and outside of the county, and supports the growing needs and connections of its local jurisdictions, also supporting enhancements that create green or alternative transportation options.

Parks and Recreation
Isanti County supports a system of parks and open spaces that provides quality infrastructure, access to outdoor recreation and connection to natural resources for the enjoyment and physical and mental well-being of the community.

Natural Resources
Isanti County prioritizes its natural and cultural resources through stewardship, education and enhancement, preserving the overall health, and providing access for future generations

Intergovernmental Cooperation
Isanti County is a welcoming place that supports connection and collaboration with the community, businesses, local organizations, townships, cities, and local/regional partners to take actions that improve livability and a thriving destination – recognizing a long history and changing needs.

The Imagine 2045 process will focus on six topical areas:

Land Use and Development

What growth and development is desired within the county, and how does that connect with the long-range planning of individual municipalities.


How does the county’s transportation efficiently and safely move people and goods to their destinations.

Natural Resources

What are the existing resources that should be preserved and enhanced for future generations.


What are the recreational resources that should be maintained and enhances to support access to a high quality of life for all residents.

Economic Development

What are the growth and investment opportunities within the county and how can the investments of individuals be supported

Intergovernmental Cooperation

What partnerships and agreements are needed to aid the county in achieving their goals.