Isanti County is establishing its long-range vision for 2045 through the development of the Imagine 2045 Comprehensive Plan.  Minnesota State Statutes give counites the authority to carry out long range planning to inform future development and investment decisions that is consistent with the goals of the community and coordinates with neighboring counites and local municipalities.

The Imagine 2045 process will utilize a five step planning process to update the Comprehensive Plan. An early understanding of current conditions and experiences of community members will inform the creation of a vision and goals for the county.  The goals will be used to inform the development of implementation actions to prepare the county for the next 20 years.

    The current Comprehensive Plan was approved in 2009 and has been informing zoning and development decision making for the last 14 years.  The following twelve goals were identified in the current plan:


    1. Preserve green space and protect natural resources
    2. Preserve agriculture and its practices
    3. Respect landowner rights
    4. Encourage business development
    5. Preserve and enhance rural historic towns or service centers
    6. Preserve and enhance county parks and trail systems
    7. Promote transportation systems that are consistent with land use
    8. Consider industrial parks along railroad corridors
    9. Continue coordination and cooperation between the county and cities
    10. Consider alternative land uses in Ag Districts
    11. Adopt comprehensive growth management
    12. Promote the development of a variety of housing types