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Thank you for contributing to the Imagine 2045 planning process!

We heard that a “one-size-fits-all” approach for residential development does not work for the entire county. To understand what residents want, we came up with several residential intensity options to understand what kind of development people would like to see. We received feedback on the residential intensity options though the second online survey, the plan’s steering committee, and conversations with folks at events in the county.  With the feedback, we narrowed down the options to two: Agricultural Residential and Medium Intensity Rural Residential.

We are currently working with township board members to understand which land use intensity they feel is best for their respective townships. With the information we get from them, and what we know about growth patterns in the county, we will recommend a residential intensity option for each township in the draft plan.

Phase 2 Engagement

Your feedback through the first phase of engagement has shaped our planning process.  A draft vision statement and goals have been created with your input and framework for the future land use plan is being explored.  

Phase 1 Engagement – Complete

The first phase of engagement was framed to inform issues and opportunities for the future of Isanti County.  View the summary of input here: